The black phone and black phone 2 are made by the Swiss company Silent Circle. They promise a fully private experience. They come with advanced security features, deep permission management, along with encrypted voice, text, and video chat built into the phones software. The black phone is basically a heavily upgraded android. Your communications travel encrypted across Silent Circles private cloud VPN, better protecting you from spies.

Private by Design

Major pharmaceutical companies whom are protecting recreational and doctoral activities. Government organizations use the black phone to protect mission’s critical communications both in and out of the country. Global consulting and accounting firms use it to protect sensitive client information. It appears this phone is not meant for public use.

In the summer of 2015 a security researcher revealed that a series of bugs left around 950 million Android users vulnerable to hackers. Making many android users turning to the iPhone. So when the black phone promised high security it was no surprise that people were willing to pay the price tag of $799.

I agree that everyone deserves privacy to a certain extent, but do we really need a phone that allows people, especially those who make their money illegally, to keep their skeletons in the closet? Should the black phones be sold on Amazon where anyone could buy it?