Celtics point guard Isaiah Thomas says that he has been “gypped his entire life.” Thomas, who is only 5’9″, is an absolutely incredible offensive player. He is putting up career numbers across the board and still came up short in the NBA All Star Voting. On the season he is averaging 21.8 points per game and 6.6 assist per game. Based on his stats alone, it appears that Thomas would receive enough votes to earn a spot on the All Star team, but this was not the case.

As of recently Thomas is scoring the ball at one of the highest rates in the NBA. He has scored 32 points or more in three of his last six games and is averaging 28 points over that span. It seems obvious that he is not receiving the recognition from all the fans that he deserves but he hopes he will earn that recognition when the coaches decide the reserves of the All Star Teams. Being only 5’9″ and still putting up these numbers is what strikes me as amazing. It might not be so impressive if he was 6’0″ but Thomas is almost always the smallest person on the court and he still can’t be stopped.

What Thomas does for the Celtics appears to to unnoticed by the fans who are voting but Celtics coach Brad Stevens clearly sees it. In an interview with the Celtics Coach he said, “there’s a lot of good players in the league” but I don’t know if they’re as impactful on their team as Thomas is on ours. Stevens went on to explain that Thomas doesn’t only score the ball. “He’s been able to run the offense and defend for us – obviously he has elevated our team” continued Stevens.


Isaiah Thomas believes that he should be considered an All Star and he claims that other guards in the NBA have told him he deserves to be an All Star. He made a statement and said that he has been told by Derrick Rose, Paul George and George Hill that they believe he should be an All Star.

Even though Thomas may not be the kind of player to light up a defender with a posterizing dunk but he will cross his defender up, get into the paint and somehow get his shot up and In over a 7 footer. I see this type of play as just as impressive as a posterizing dunk considering his size. Thomas should not be punished for only being 5’9″.


If Thomas fails to get voted in by the coaches his statement he made about getting gypped his entire life will remain true. If he does not receive recognition this year he will just have to try to prove himself again next year. It wont be the end of the world for Thomas but it is disappointing to see a player who does so much for his team not receive the recognition he deserves.