During the winter in Maine there’s a bunch of activities that can keep you busy. Some of the bests parts of a child winter is being able to have a sled or a tube and go very fast down the biggest hill that they can find. Some kids end up going to the schools after hours just to find the biggest hill so they can be the ones who going the fastest if they are playing sledding games or just for the thrill. There is also some basic things that we have like snowboarding, skiing and tubing that you can go to a resort and do or get taught how to. A couple of mountains that people like to go to to either ski,sled or tube down is Big Squaw,imageOne of the biggest winter activities here in Maine is snowmobiling and the best part about that is Maine has over 14,000 miles of trails to be able to go on the best rides of your life. A winter carnival here in Maine is when a bunch of snowmobilers get together and have a torch lit ride and there is also a bunch of other things that go on during this.
There is also a bunch of dogs that you can rent so that you can have the experience of going on a dog sled ride. If you where looking to go for a hike to see all the wilderness that we have here in Maine, you might want to wear snow shoes. One of my personal favorite activities to do is to go ice fishing and catch really big fish. Some kids and adults Love to go out on the ice, polish it, and go ice skating. If you have spent all your life in Maine life in have than you might know a lot more things, like different trails and tricks to getting from place to place without getting lost or freezing to death.