Jiang Yiyan, a Chinese photographer, who was famous by getting National Geographic Photograph Award. She is a beautiful actress, but she doesn’t interest in fame and wealth, she likes a slow life style, and she called herself “crawler”.

In 1983, Jiang Yiyan born in Zhejiang province. At the beginning, she was studied in dancing collage, and engaged in movie performance. In her movies, even just to perform a small role, she will put fine emotions to her role, in order to show the best performance to audiences. Although, actress is a good job to get wealth and fame, she doesn’t put all her time and energy in performing works.

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Jiang Yiyan has been travelled over all the world and took beautiful photos for many years. She travelled in Africa, and south-eastern Asia to got photos which focus in nature and love. She used to stay in small village in rural mountain area in China for several months and followed villagers’ life style to catch beautiful photos in their daily life. In 2014, Jiang Yiyan held her own photographic exhibition in China and United States. After the exhibition, all the income was donated to poor children.

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In this busy world, Jiang Yiyan lives in her own style, step by steps, slowly walk through the world and uses her lens to capture every fleeting beautiful moment.