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By the students, for the students.


Brian Sletterink

Senior at Foxctoft Academy in 21st Century English class.

Disarm, Disable, and Destroy.

The way the world is right now, a lot of people are on drugs, people have anger issues, no respect, people are a lot different. You should always be prepared for somebody to attack. Self defense is a great thing for everybody to know. It give self confidence, morals, and safety. Krav Maga is known is one of the worlds deadliest martial arts in the world. Continue reading “Disarm, Disable, and Destroy.”


Propane Ice Auger vs. Electric Ice Auger

Ice augers have come a long way. When you have over 6 inches of ice, it’s time to upgrade from a hand crank auger. It makes ice fishing go quicker and easier and more enjoyable. Continue reading “Propane Ice Auger vs. Electric Ice Auger”

Weather Is Affecting Greenville’s Buisness

Greenville, Maine relys on their summer and winter season to make money. With all of this warm weather in the winter time, it’s affecting all of their tourism to come and participate in their winter activities. Continue reading “Weather Is Affecting Greenville’s Buisness”

Swimming For Foxcroft Academy

Never in my high school career did I think about swimming. It was just never in my interest to try that sport, but I knew it would keep me in great shape before I leave for the military. It’s definitely a lot of hard work to learn all swimming styles and techniques, but it’s still a fun sport. Continue reading “Swimming For Foxcroft Academy”

Patience Is The Key To Hunting

Hard work and patience really does pay off. Local Dover-Foxcroft girl Emily Mailloux, sat in her tree stand and didn’t see a deer all season until Wednesday November 25th of her thanksgiving break. Continue reading “Patience Is The Key To Hunting”

Welcome To Hell

Parris Island is the heart and soul of the Marine Corps. These 13 long, rigorous training weeks, is what transforms boys in to men, civilians in to recruits, and recruits into Marines. Here is where it all begins. Continue reading “Welcome To Hell”

Cookin’ With Bud: Frosting Covered Betty Crocker Fudge Brownies

Thanksgiving is right around the corner. It’s one of the few days in the year you can pig out with many different kind of desserts. Here is one simple, yet delicious recipe that will make you go back for more. Continue reading “Cookin’ With Bud: Frosting Covered Betty Crocker Fudge Brownies”

Bad Rifle or Bad Hunter?

Youth Day was Saturday October 24, 2015. That is a big day for young hunters from ages 10-16. Continue reading “Bad Rifle or Bad Hunter?”

“Welcome To Our Home”

On Saturday October 24th, members of Key Club from Foxcroft Academy are raising money for a local family. The family has just recently lost their barn in a fire and lost all of their animals and all of their farming equipment. Continue reading ““Welcome To Our Home””

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