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Winter activities

During the winter in Maine there’s a bunch of activities that can keep you busy. Some of the bests parts of a child winter is being able to have a sled or a tube and go very fast down the biggest hill that they can find. Continue reading “Winter activities”



If you travel up North in the winter there is a huge thing you have to watch out for on the icy roads. Continue reading “Moose”

Some Ways To Hunt

Around the world there is a lot of different types of traps for hunting there a verity of traps for many different animals. Continue reading “Some Ways To Hunt”

Interior design

If you were looking to become an interior designer like I am you should know all the important facts before thinking about anything else. If you are not a creative and you don’t an opened mind then I would find another occupation because this one is not for you. Continue reading “Interior design”


As winter is fast approaching here in Maine the beauty of fall is about to be covered with a thick white blanket of snow. The beautiful sound of chirping in the early morning hours, will no longer be around until next spring. Most of the birds that live in a four season state or a state that usually gets snow will start to head down to a warmer climate that has more resources for them. The main resources for a bird is food and nesting location. Continue reading “Migration”

The terror that happened in Paris

There where seven coordinated attacks in Paris over over the early week of November. According to on Friday November 13th 2015 at 9:20 pm the first explosion had occurred outside Stade De France near entrance d while the soccer game between France and Germany was going on. The Continue reading “The terror that happened in Paris”

Women Taking Over the Woods

As hunting season has come along again, we have noticed more women have taken a strong interests in this out door activity. Continue reading “Women Taking Over the Woods”

The adventures of Fall in Main

image Continue reading “The adventures of Fall in Main”

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