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By the students, for the students.


Samuel Lunn

Senior at Foxcroft Academy.

Becoming an Airman

The United States Air Force. You’ve probably heard of this organization. Well by definition The United States Air Force is an aerial warfare service of the United States armed forces. There are currently 246,695 enlisted active duty personnel in the U.S.A.F.

So what does it take to become an Airman?  Continue reading “Becoming an Airman”


From Toys to Tools

image.pngYou see them every nowadays. Fitbits, Apple watches, and other varying models of similar devices. They are used recreationally. People who are in the process of being, and already are fit alike use these. But Continue reading “From Toys to Tools”

Going to Disney!!

‘Twas the night before Christmas… No wait, ‘Twas May 21st. Just months before this momentous day, it was official that the Foxcroft Academy Marching Band was invited to perform in Disney World in Orlando Florida. Continue reading “Going to Disney!!”

It’s All Been Done Before

Photo Found Here
Photo Found Here
Sometimes it doesn’t pay to take the easy route, as Taylor Swift kindly demonstrated in her hit song shake it off. Continue reading “It’s All Been Done Before”

“To Protect and Serve”

Photo found here
Photo found here
Recently in South Carolina, a police officer was called into a classroom when a disruptive student was being noncompliant. Continue reading ““To Protect and Serve””


Foxcroft Academy Band
Foxcroft Academy Band

     The Foxcroft Academy Pep Band (Directed by Mr. Joshua Guthrie), is expected to participate in next week’s Band-O-Rama, hosted by Nokomis Regional High School. Continue reading “Band-O-Rama”

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