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Ice Castle

The bright vibrant colors of the ice castles takes place in Lincoln New Hampshire. It is a wonderful activity to do on a chilled night. All of the Ice Castle is made of real ice and snow, the floor is different from the walls of the castle. It is made to look like gravel but it is actually crushed ice and snow packed down. The Ice Castle is obviously outside, so the temperature in the Ice Castle is the same as it would be outside. image
Tickets are usually sold before you arrive. If you buy your tickets online, they will send an email with a QR code after you purchase the ticket. And when that night comes they scan it off the phone or a printed piece of paper. The price is ranged on if it’s either a weekend or a weekday.

The Ice Castle is based in Utah, founder is Brent Christensen and crew. It is about an acre, and it reaches about 25 feet high at some points. The castle uses sprinklers, and the cold winter air to form huge icicles that sculpt together within a period of time. This process sometimes takes up to twice a day, depending on the temperature. Brent continuously spends time perfecting the fortress. After everything is shaped to expectation of the crew. They are able to make large tunnels, towers, and caves, for people to come and see.

It is possible to walk through the ice castle during the day, but at night it’s a totally different experience. It’s filled with colorful bright lights that make the ice glow.image
Take Exit 33 on I-93, then continue on US-3 South, then take Connector Rd to Railroad St.


Winter activities

During the winter in Maine there’s a bunch of activities that can keep you busy. Some of the bests parts of a child winter is being able to have a sled or a tube and go very fast down the biggest hill that they can find. Continue reading “Winter activities”


If you travel up North in the winter there is a huge thing you have to watch out for on the icy roads. Continue reading “Moose”

Some Ways To Hunt

Around the world there is a lot of different types of traps for hunting there a verity of traps for many different animals. Continue reading “Some Ways To Hunt”

Propane Ice Auger vs. Electric Ice Auger

Ice augers have come a long way. When you have over 6 inches of ice, it’s time to upgrade from a hand crank auger. It makes ice fishing go quicker and easier and more enjoyable. Continue reading “Propane Ice Auger vs. Electric Ice Auger”

Maine’s Moose Dilemma

With Maine’s moose numbers plummeting more and more every year, it leads to less permits being given out. Continue reading “Maine’s Moose Dilemma”

Shed Hunting

Although deer hunting season is over with there is still something to look forward to, and that’s shed hunting. Continue reading “Shed Hunting”

Coyote Hunting

After a tranquil deer hunting season come to an end, if you hadn’t shot anything coyote huntin’ is the way to go. Continue reading “Coyote Hunting”

Maine Guide Traps A Bear

A once in a lifetime opportunity for a Guide in Sebec, Maine to trap a bear for the first time. Weighing in at three hundred eighteen pounds, my dad trapped his very first bear. Continue reading “Maine Guide Traps A Bear”

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