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Does your phone security byte?

The black phone and black phone 2 are made by the Swiss company Silent Circle. Continue reading “Does your phone security byte?”


The Death of Bitcoin

The Bitcoin, the first digital currency recently hit a new low, one Bitcoin just worth about four hundred dollars. Just last week Mike Hearn, the developer, sold every Bitcoin he owned, declaring the cryptocurrency a failure.

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imageRecently Formula E, the racing company, and Kinetik, the technology company, have teamed up to create ROBORACE, according to the team behind it will be “the natural next step for motor racing”.

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Choice for the future

It is the 21st century right now, science and technology are developing in unimaginable speed far surpassing the evolution speed of mankind (or it can be said that the evolution of mankind has entered the peak). The problem lies in whether the future of mankind needs the further evolution of brain or relies upon science & technology or artificial intelligence.

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Global Warming – The Plan.

For a short moment, pause, imagine the most fervent forest you can recall from memory. Envision the the air heavy with dew and alive with melody of birds and life pervading in the background. The grounds surrounding you blanketed in moss and leaves. Now take away the sound, take away all the shades of green hanging thick on every limb. Replace all of it with barren land scorched by hell fire. There are no birds to soothe the forest, nor any life for that matter. Slow decay of all things living is the only sure path we travel on with a heavy carbon footprint.
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The car of future?

imageThree years ago the first car that can drive on its own and doesn’t need a person to drive, only blue tooth and google maps. Google was the first companies to make the prototype and show it to the public. Continue reading “The car of future?”

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