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Global Warming

Global Warming – The Plan.

For a short moment, pause, imagine the most fervent forest you can recall from memory. Envision the the air heavy with dew and alive with melody of birds and life pervading in the background. The grounds surrounding you blanketed in moss and leaves. Now take away the sound, take away all the shades of green hanging thick on every limb. Replace all of it with barren land scorched by hell fire. There are no birds to soothe the forest, nor any life for that matter. Slow decay of all things living is the only sure path we travel on with a heavy carbon footprint.
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Global Warming – Why Does It Matter?

For every reaction there is an equal and opposite reaction. How can one’s late night drive, or simply the breaths they breath affect the environment? There’s strong evidence supporting global warming, but it’s not as impalpable as scientists make it out to be. Global warming is not just imaginary ice caps melting on the poles of the earth.

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