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Coyote Hunting

After a tranquil deer hunting season come to an end, if you hadn’t shot anything coyote huntin’ is the way to go. Continue reading “Coyote Hunting”


Late Season Hunt

Hunting season is coming to an end and winter is fast approaching, but there is still time to get that buck you have been going after all season. Continue reading “Late Season Hunt”

Winter Outdoorsman

With hunting season coming to a close and many of the Hunter’s take to the couches for the rest of these long cold night, the avid sportsman tries to keep himself busy with other out door activities like trapping, ice fishing, shed hunting, since the deer will be losing their horns, and rabbit hunting. Continue reading “Winter Outdoorsman”

My First Buck

It was 5:30 in the morning, I put my hunting gear on and headed out to the stand.

Continue reading “My First Buck”

Hunting the Rut

During the rut can be one of the best times to shoot that buck you’ve been going after the whole season. There are a lot of mistakes that people make while hunting the rut, and it easy to avoid these common mistakes.
Continue reading “Hunting the Rut”

Patience Is The Key To Hunting

Hard work and patience really does pay off. Local Dover-Foxcroft girl Emily Mailloux, sat in her tree stand and didn’t see a deer all season until Wednesday November 25th of her thanksgiving break. Continue reading “Patience Is The Key To Hunting”

Rabbit Hunting

Rabbit hunting is one of my favorite hunting seasons, it’s an adrenaline rush. From watching rabbits sit in front of you to the dogs running the rabbits. There are many ways to hunt rabbits and lots of places where rabbits are found. That’s most likely why rabbit hunting is so popular. Continue reading “Rabbit Hunting”

If it’s Brown it’s Down

With the hunting season underway hunters all throughout the state of Maine are looking for that secret spot to find the big buck. Continue reading “If it’s Brown it’s Down”

Time is Running Out

With the combination of peak rut coming to an end missed opportunities and lack of time in the woods most student hunters who haven’t tagged a deer will most likely keep it that way. Continue reading “Time is Running Out”

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