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Week 10

Diplomacy Over Destruction

Destruction has given way to diplomacy in the Middle East between Iran and the United States. The topic was the prisoners that had been indicted on false charges. Continue reading “Diplomacy Over Destruction”



If you travel up North in the winter there is a huge thing you have to watch out for on the icy roads. Continue reading “Moose”

Disarm, Disable, and Destroy.

The way the world is right now, a lot of people are on drugs, people have anger issues, no respect, people are a lot different. You should always be prepared for somebody to attack. Self defense is a great thing for everybody to know. It give self confidence, morals, and safety. Krav Maga is known is one of the worlds deadliest martial arts in the world. Continue reading “Disarm, Disable, and Destroy.”

The Girl Behind The Name

After her death in 2011 the world seemed to know everything imageabout her, but The Girl Behind The Name had something else to say. It unravels the tightly twisted tail of troubled stars only to show the normal girl with an extraordinary talent that was at the base of it all, Amy Winehouse. Director and the man who made it happen, Asif Kapadia, picked up the idea of the film in 2013, two years after the singer’s death and announced it’s upcoming release in early 2015. Even after years, the remorse felt over her death was still raw causing it to be one of the highest grossing british documentary ever.

Continue reading “The Girl Behind The Name”


After Adele’s album “21” was released in 2011 she considered quitting the music industry. But instead she decided to take a “hiatus and raise her son. While on her break Adele suffered from writers block. She feared that she might lose her ability to write songs. In 2013 she had a breakthrough and she started writing songs for new album “25” and she continued writing and recording to 2015. Her first song off her album was “Hello” and was released in October 23, 2015 world-wide. “25” Tracklist:

1. Hello (Adele & Greg Kurstin)

2. Send my love (To your new lover)(Adele & Max Martin)

3. I miss you (Adele, Paul Epworth & Shellback)

4. When we were young (Adele & Tobias Jesso Jr.)

5. Remedy (Adele & Ryan Tedder)

6. Water under the bridge (Adele & Greg Kurstin)

7. River Lea (Adele & Brian Burton)

8. Love in the dark (Adele & Samuel Dixon)

9. Million Years ago (Adele & Greg Kurstin)

10. All I ask (Adele, Bruno Mars & Phillip Lawrence)

11. Sweetest Devotion (Adele & Paul Epworth) 

Adele said she might go country for her next album because she wants it to be quite acoustic and piano-led. “I want to write it all, record it all, produce it all and master it on my own. I think it’ll take a lot longer because I want to do it this way.” Adele is different from all these people for a lot of reasons, most of which are of the fact that she doesn’t make dance music. Adele is different from so many artists. Her lyrics are so meaningful and powerful especially with her beautiful smooth voice. My thoughts on this album are INCREDIBLE, FANTASTIC. I love Adele to death her lyrics stand out to me and she’s such a beautiful person. My favorite song on “25” is Send my love (To your new lover). Just the way she puts the lyrics and the instruments with it is such a beautiful song. I give “25” a 9/10.   


Does your phone security byte?

The black phone and black phone 2 are made by the Swiss company Silent Circle. Continue reading “Does your phone security byte?”

The Death of Bitcoin

The Bitcoin, the first digital currency recently hit a new low, one Bitcoin just worth about four hundred dollars. Just last week Mike Hearn, the developer, sold every Bitcoin he owned, declaring the cryptocurrency a failure.

Continue reading “The Death of Bitcoin”

Possible New Planet Discovered

Researchers at the California Institute of Technology have found evidence in the outer solar system of an object that could be a real planet. Continue reading “Possible New Planet Discovered”

Cheesecake cupcakes

Quick easy and yummy!

Continue reading “Cheesecake cupcakes”

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