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Week 6

The Legacy Continues

All the hype about the next movie in the Rocky legacy, ‘Creed,’ can finally be put to rest. The movie came out on Wednesday, November 25th with impressive debut scores. If you had seen any of the original Rocky movies, the arrival of ‘Creed’ was a dream come true.  Continue reading “The Legacy Continues”


Coyote Hunting

After a tranquil deer hunting season come to an end, if you hadn’t shot anything coyote huntin’ is the way to go. Continue reading “Coyote Hunting”

Should college athletes be paid?

Athletes all across the country at the division l level rake in revenue at an exceptional rate but never see see a stitch of this money. Continue reading “Should college athletes be paid?”

The Mill

The Mill in Dover-Foxcroft is a 60,000 square foot historic mill complex that was renovated in 2015 into a mixed-use building with residences, office space, a cafe and a boutique inn. Continue reading “The Mill”

Misheard Lyrics

Have you ever listened to a song and realized you actually have no idea what the singer just said? Continue reading “Misheard Lyrics”

Interior design

If you were looking to become an interior designer like I am you should know all the important facts before thinking about anything else. If you are not a creative and you don’t an opened mind then I would find another occupation because this one is not for you. Continue reading “Interior design”

Winter Outdoorsman

With hunting season coming to a close and many of the Hunter’s take to the couches for the rest of these long cold night, the avid sportsman tries to keep himself busy with other out door activities like trapping, ice fishing, shed hunting, since the deer will be losing their horns, and rabbit hunting. Continue reading “Winter Outdoorsman”

Genetic mutations


In 2016 there has been a spike in people with genetic mutations by ten percent. Most of the spike was located in or around Europe mostly in Germany. The mutations can range from anything one of the most common being a high resistance to heart disease. Continue reading “Genetic mutations”

Swimming For Foxcroft Academy

Never in my high school career did I think about swimming. It was just never in my interest to try that sport, but I knew it would keep me in great shape before I leave for the military. It’s definitely a lot of hard work to learn all swimming styles and techniques, but it’s still a fun sport. Continue reading “Swimming For Foxcroft Academy”

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