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Week 8

Winter activities

During the winter in Maine there’s a bunch of activities that can keep you busy. Some of the bests parts of a child winter is being able to have a sled or a tube and go very fast down the biggest hill that they can find. Continue reading “Winter activities”


Video games… Addicting?

Are video games addicting? Douglas Gentile: a psychologist at Iowa State University said that in 1999 the first study he did was showing that game addiction wasn’t a real thing. But roughly now 8.5% of children are addicted if they play video games, Continue reading “Video games… Addicting?”


imageRecently Formula E, the racing company, and Kinetik, the technology company, have teamed up to create ROBORACE, according to the team behind it will be “the natural next step for motor racing”.

Continue reading “ROBORACE”

Looking Ahead, Wrestling Post Season 

With wrestling season halfway through and looking forward Foxcroft academy’s wrestling team has a possibility to take states by storm. Continue reading “Looking Ahead, Wrestling Post Season “

Shed Hunting

Although deer hunting season is over with there is still something to look forward to, and that’s shed hunting. Continue reading “Shed Hunting”

Weather Is Affecting Greenville’s Buisness

Greenville, Maine relys on their summer and winter season to make money. With all of this warm weather in the winter time, it’s affecting all of their tourism to come and participate in their winter activities. Continue reading “Weather Is Affecting Greenville’s Buisness”


On June 23, 2008 a miscellaneous group of childhood friends brought up in the impoverished area of Bowling Green, Kentucky put out their debut album after years of playing and a year in the studio, Cage The Elephant. The self titled album erupted through the indie scene in the U.S. with its electric grunge sound similar to the 90’s band The Pixies. Continue reading “TELL ME I’M PRETTY”

Harvesting Alternative Energy

We are constantly looking for new energy sources Continue reading “Harvesting Alternative Energy”

Effect of Saudia Arabian and Iran cutting ties

Saudi Arabia decided to sever diplomatic relations with Iran on 01/03/2016. And ordering the Iran diplomatic personnel to leave the country within 48 hours. The direct cause of the matter is that Saudi Arabia announced the execution of 47 prisoners with terrorism crimes, which led to Iranian demonstrator impacted the Saudi Arabian Embassy. Continue reading “Effect of Saudia Arabian and Iran cutting ties”

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