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Week 9

Jiang Yiyan: an actress got the National Grographic Award

Jiang Yiyan, a Chinese photographer, who was famous by getting National Geographic Photograph Award. She is a beautiful actress, but she doesn’t interest in Continue reading “Jiang Yiyan: an actress got the National Grographic Award”


“It’s About Time”

Hank Williams Jr. Has released a new album. Continue reading ““It’s About Time””


Tina Fey and Amy Poehler co-star in this universal Studios comedy about a pair of 30 year old sisters who find out that their parents are selling their house.
Continue reading ““Sisters””

Some Ways To Hunt

Around the world there is a lot of different types of traps for hunting there a verity of traps for many different animals. Continue reading “Some Ways To Hunt”

Xinjiang: expansion of fear and anger

Xinjiang, is an autonomous region of China in the northwest of the country. It is over 1.8 million k㎡ and with 10 million Uighurs. This is a place mixed Han Continue reading “Xinjiang: expansion of fear and anger”

Propane Ice Auger vs. Electric Ice Auger

Ice augers have come a long way. When you have over 6 inches of ice, it’s time to upgrade from a hand crank auger. It makes ice fishing go quicker and easier and more enjoyable. Continue reading “Propane Ice Auger vs. Electric Ice Auger”


Saying Goodbye

January 10, 2016 was the day that the world seemed to start turning lopsided on its imageaxis even though it was a regular day. The sun rose, the old folks read their paper, and I made my way to school, but it was the day the world lost one of it’s brightest stars, David Bowie, leaving it a little darker. After a long and secret battle with liver cancer the singer passed away early that morning surrounded by his loving family. Millions were left devastated as the man who sung the songs that were stuck in their heads for years passed away.

Continue reading “Saying Goodbye”

From Toys to Tools

image.pngYou see them every nowadays. Fitbits, Apple watches, and other varying models of similar devices. They are used recreationally. People who are in the process of being, and already are fit alike use these. But Continue reading “From Toys to Tools”

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