Ella hong is a student of an AP studio art, and I found that she drew a snake for her class, so I asked her to explain her work for interview.

Most children get pressure from their parents or society to make decisions about their futures. Children often take their parents’ advice and the demands of society. We can often see examples of this in the world. Many children don’t have the freedom to choose their dreams and live without achieving their personal goals. Also, they are aware of the way other people are judging them. Therefore, I want to show and give a message to people about how this situation is bad and how it affects children through my painting.Snake, by Ella Hong

I wanted to represent the bulk of children who are pressured by society and adults through my depiction of the egg, because I think that an egg and a child are similar. Their correlation is they both have immature states, so I drew them together. Additionally, when I think of an egg, I can imagine a snake, because a snake gives a strong impression, so if predators try to harm the snake’s eggs, the snake will prevent them from approaching the egg. Therefore, I drew a snake that is trying to protect its egg, which represents to society and adults who control their children regardless of children’s mind using a pen. Also, I draw a space inside of the egg, because I wanted to express that this happens in many places not just only one place, using pastels. I only used color inside of the egg, because I wanted to emphasize that it can occur to anyone. Even, you can experience this situation.

I want to give the message that it is important consider the advice from parents or society’s expectations, but it is extremely important for each child to pursue his or her own desires and dreams