If you travel up North in the winter there is a huge thing you have to watch out for on the icy roads. Moose seem to come out more in the winter looking for food and licking salt from the road. Moose are the biggest animal in the deer family. Moose are mostly native to the northern states, and they are mostly adapted to the cold winters. A moose body size is perfect for them because it seems to keep a lot more body heat in and it’s two layers of hair is a tremendous help to. The summer time for a moose can be very exhausting for it, even at temperatures being at 57 degrees F a moose can suffer from heat stress and that is why you will only really see them in the early morning hours and when the sun goes down near a big to cool off in the summertime. Even though the moose might stay warm during the winter in does not mean that it always easy for them because they find it extremely difficult to browse for food and it is hard for them to get around in the crusty snow of the winter. The thing that some people don’t know is that a moose is actually an herbivore and they usually have to end up eating the bark from some certain trees during the harsh winter. Moose run from coast to coast but they are mostly in the north. Maine has them spread throughout the state and the population here is about 25,000.
It helps bull moose to shed their antlers during the winter because it helps conserve energy and makes it easier for winter survival. When winter comes around the cow Moose usually is carrying her offspring and is usually pregnant for about 8 months ( one month less than a human). When they are about to give birth to their new offspring she usually drives away the offspring that she had the year before. Never approach a moose because they can become frightened and aggressive when they feel threatened and they will attack for and it can be very fatal. imageAnother thing that is great to know is to try and keep your dog away from them to because they find them as there enemy because they resemble a wolf and that is a moose’s mortal enemy. If you every see a moose lick it’s lips than you are way to close. Most moose are around 700-1,100 pounds and can run up to 35 miles an hour so if you every get attacked by a one you should curl up in a ball and make sure to stay completely still and make sure to protect your head. Another thing that would be a good thing to do is to lay still and wait for the animal to get a safe distance away so that he doesn’t end up attacking you any further.