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Cassidy Vautier

New England

The Girl Behind The Name

After her death in 2011 the world seemed to know everything imageabout her, but The Girl Behind The Name had something else to say. It unravels the tightly twisted tail of troubled stars only to show the normal girl with an extraordinary talent that was at the base of it all, Amy Winehouse. Director and the man who made it happen, Asif Kapadia, picked up the idea of the film in 2013, two years after the singer’s death and announced it’s upcoming release in early 2015. Even after years, the remorse felt over her death was still raw causing it to be one of the highest grossing british documentary ever.

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Saying Goodbye

January 10, 2016 was the day that the world seemed to start turning lopsided on its imageaxis even though it was a regular day. The sun rose, the old folks read their paper, and I made my way to school, but it was the day the world lost one of it’s brightest stars, David Bowie, leaving it a little darker. After a long and secret battle with liver cancer the singer passed away early that morning surrounded by his loving family. Millions were left devastated as the man who sung the songs that were stuck in their heads for years passed away.

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On June 23, 2008 a miscellaneous group of childhood friends brought up in the impoverished area of Bowling Green, Kentucky put out their debut album after years of playing and a year in the studio, Cage The Elephant. The self titled album erupted through the indie scene in the U.S. with its electric grunge sound similar to the 90’s band The Pixies. Continue reading “TELL ME I’M PRETTY”

Montage of Heck

No matter who you are, even if you don’t know the people behind the name, it’s a given that you’ve heard of Nirvana, the biggest band in the world at the turn of the 1980’s.

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Global Warming – The Plan.

For a short moment, pause, imagine the most fervent forest you can recall from memory. Envision the the air heavy with dew and alive with melody of birds and life pervading in the background. The grounds surrounding you blanketed in moss and leaves. Now take away the sound, take away all the shades of green hanging thick on every limb. Replace all of it with barren land scorched by hell fire. There are no birds to soothe the forest, nor any life for that matter. Slow decay of all things living is the only sure path we travel on with a heavy carbon footprint.
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ISIS – What is it Really?

November Friday the 13th – was a day heavy with the sting of tragedy. There were multiple terrorist attacks that took place around the world, all within a few hours of each other. It’s been the buzz of discussion in the days since, with its haphazard arguments shot off from every end of the spectrum. It is clear that the fear within some people impairs their ability to learn without a bias. Instead of elaborating upon all of the terror that burns like wildfire across the globe, I will elaborate upon the root of terror itself.

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Global Warming – Why Does It Matter?

For every reaction there is an equal and opposite reaction. How can one’s late night drive, or simply the breaths they breath affect the environment? There’s strong evidence supporting global warming, but it’s not as impalpable as scientists make it out to be. Global warming is not just imaginary ice caps melting on the poles of the earth.

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Down And Out of Syria 

It all started with a small uprising against the political power in Syria, started by a few high school aged boys, which ended in extreme violence against the boys by law enforcement. The protesters were captured and tortured, many were killed, for simply opposing their autocracy. Continue reading “Down And Out of Syria “

Palo Alto Stories Review 

With no indication of who or why, James Franco’s Palo Alto Stories, jumps into a vivid narrative through the eyes of a teenage boy whose friends endeavors are set on getting drunk at Alice Wolfe’s party. The short story twists when narrator, Ryan, unexpectedly leaves the party and ends up caught up in a hit and run. Continue reading “Palo Alto Stories Review “

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