With leaves changing and winter fast approaching, fly fishing is soon going to come to an end, but it’s not over yet. Fall can hold some of the best fishing of the year, with the lakes starting to turn over and the fish starting to migrate for spawning.

Now that it is fall it’s time to start fishing with dry flies on top of the lakes surface. During fall trout become more aggressive and agitated, these behavioral changes are a result of spawning and defending territory. This makes it a great time to use brightly colored flys like an orange caddis, orange foam stimulator, pink cahill, mickey Finn and many others. The fish tend to go after these sorts of flies because they catch the fishes attention and they feel threatened by them.

While fishing pay attention to where you are casting your fly, sources at midcurrent.com suggest that “the best places to cast are where trout food collects along the “seams”, or variations in the current, where slow current meets fast current, and where the gravel drops of and the water suddenly slows and changes direction.”

When fly fishing in the fall clothing is something you should really keep in mind. Lower and clearer water conditions make it easier for the fish to see you above the water. So wear something that matches your surroundings so the fish won’t be scared away.

Photo from outsideonline.com
Photo from outsideonline.com

Chad Shmukler at hatchmag.com states that Most fisherman are accustomed to early morning and evening fishing because the sun heats the waters surface during the hot day, and the fish go to cooler water. But now since the water is starting to get colder, all day could be an opportunity to catch fish.

Featured Image from flyfishing247.com