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Ethan Poland

The Death of Bitcoin

The Bitcoin, the first digital currency recently hit a new low, one Bitcoin just worth about four hundred dollars. Just last week Mike Hearn, the developer, sold every Bitcoin he owned, declaring the cryptocurrency a failure.

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Project Ara

Why choose a phone for its camera, when you could choose a camera for your phone? This is one of the major ideas behind Project Ara, the modular phone. Google has put together a team of world wide collaborators in an effort to produce the first truly customizable phone.

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imageRecently Formula E, the racing company, and Kinetik, the technology company, have teamed up to create ROBORACE, according to the team behind it will be “the natural next step for motor racing”.

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Quantum Computers

Recently in Australia, the Center for Quantum Computation & Communication Technology announced that their silicon microchip that uses two quantum bits works. Proving that silicon works in quantum based computing gives it the possibility to be not only possible but practical, not being all to much bigger than a regular processor.

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The Trump Administration


Following the end of the Obama administration, the new First Lady, Melania Trump, pictured above with President Trump, has cut many of Michele Obama’s programs such as the “Lets Move!” campaign for healthy school lunches and other such programs trying to slim down obesity statistics. First Lady Trump is instead starting up her own healthier children program, Beautiful people for Bulimia.  Continue reading “The Trump Administration”

Anonymous and ISIS

Recently, the cyber organization known as the Anonymous Collective declared a full out war on the terrorist sect by the name of ISIS, known sometimes as Daesh. Continue reading “Anonymous and ISIS”

World War 3?

Screen capture of ISIS video
Screen capture of ISIS video

Recently over the Sinai Peninsula, a Russian commercial airliner crashed for an unknown reason, shorty after, ISIS released a video of the plane exploding midair, taking credit for the disaster and the 224 lives claimed by the catastrophe. Continue reading “World War 3?”

Hurricane Patrica Strikes Mexican Coast

Hurricane Patricia is the largest recorded wester hemisphere hurricane ever recorded, advancing from a tropical storm to a hurricane with winds over two hundred miles per hour in less than a day. Continue reading “Hurricane Patrica Strikes Mexican Coast”

Shrek: The Musical

Since the debut in 2001 Shrek has had four different movie sequels, and several spinoffs, but now Foxcroft Academy now offers its performance of Disney’s Shrek: The Musical, with the same memorable characters that everyone knows. Continue reading “Shrek: The Musical”

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