Before I start with the overall review of the movie, I will say that tears were shed. Now for the brief summary, seven year old Eloise, granddaughter of Eliot and Grandma Carol. Eloise’s mom died during child birth when she was only seventeen. Grandma Carol died in a car accident, which turns Eliot’s drinking from his daughters death more severe. Little Eloise doesn’t like her Grandfather drinking, Eliot who realizes how his actions affect Eloise attempts to show her how much he cares for Eloise when he hires a tutor for both him and Eloise for them to learn math, teach Eloise to play piano, and teach Eliot French. This shows he cares because Eliot pays Fifty dollars an hour for tutoring for him and Eloise. Eliot happens to be a lawyer which comes in handy when Grandma Wee Wee takes him to court for child custody, where both sides play dirty. Although neither side asks where Eloise wants to be she says she wants to stay with Eliot. Eliot loves his granddaughter so much, he gives twenty-five thousand dollars to her father to help him pay off debt from using drugs. Eliot also invited him over to dinner and gave him money to buy Eloise gifts, which the father completely blows off, spending the money on something else and not showing up to supper. The movie also deals with how society still has to deal with segregation issues. Towards the end of the movie Eloise’s father comes to Eliot’s house high on crack and tries to stab Eliot because Eliot refused to give him fifty thousand dollars. He also goes to kidnap his daughter Eloise. It appears that Eloise’s father has an epiphany that causes him to rescue a drowning Eliot from the dark abyss of the large, in ground pool.

Overall this was a very good movie. It showed many issues that people struggle with every day, as well as how certain people cope with these issues. The acting was very professional and believable. Which of course, makes a good movie. I’d give it a five star rating, I personally couldn’t find anything wrong with, or bad with the movie, choice of actors, or even the plot line. The only thing that could be considered bad is how the movie ends in a way where you question if Eloise does end up going back to Eliot or if she stays with Grandma Wee Wee. The movie is roughly two hours and one minute, it certainly did not seem to be that long. ‘Black or White’ came out December 3, 2014. Music also plays a very big role in this movie. It helps show the feelings and pain throughout the movie. I would highly recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys a movie that shows a lot of family love and struggle but has an ending that is worth the change of events that take place. It is also a good movie to watch as a family, even if you have younger children, there is very few swears if any at all.