These lanterns can be used with light as well, just remember if you are using them with light to draw a circle on the balloon around the tie to base off where not to put the string  so you can put the lights there.

You will need: Large Balloons, Sharpie, Scissors, Cotton Yarn, White School Glue, Corn Starch, cup Water, Something to stir with like a spoon, Petroleum Jelly, Clear fast drying spray paint, bowl for mixing glue in, String Edit

First blow up a balloon. Make sure it is round. If you blow it up too much you might make a oval shaped lantern. Lay down a tarp, and find a way to suspend the balloons with string. You can use a shower curtain rod across chairs. Mix corn starch, glue, and warm water together until the mixture is nice and smooth. Spread the petroleum jelly all over the balloon, until it is completely coated. If you have a friend helping you. Put yarn in the glue mixture and begin wrapping the yarn around the balloon however you like, gradually switch to wrapping it the other way. Tuck your beginning and end pieces under other pieces of yarn. After allowing the balls to dry for 24 hours, pop the balloons. Now spray with the clear spray paint to make them last forever! Almost.