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ISIS – What is it Really?

November Friday the 13th – was a day heavy with the sting of tragedy. There were multiple terrorist attacks that took place around the world, all within a few hours of each other. It’s been the buzz of discussion in the days since, with its haphazard arguments shot off from every end of the spectrum. It is clear that the fear within some people impairs their ability to learn without a bias. Instead of elaborating upon all of the terror that burns like wildfire across the globe, I will elaborate upon the root of terror itself.

Continue reading “ISIS – What is it Really?”


Down And Out of Syria 

It all started with a small uprising against the political power in Syria, started by a few high school aged boys, which ended in extreme violence against the boys by law enforcement. The protesters were captured and tortured, many were killed, for simply opposing their autocracy. Continue reading “Down And Out of Syria “

Do Europeans need to welcome Syrian refugees?

Syria is small in population but abundant in resources. Recognized as a major oil exporter in the Middle East, oil exports pillar its fiscal revenue. Capitalist countries in the west, with the United States as the representative, have coveted its rich resources for a long time. Continue reading “Do Europeans need to welcome Syrian refugees?”

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