Japanese anime is the best anime in the world . Classified as per age and gender of reader group, Japanese anime consists of children anime(anime mainly regarding 6-11 children as main readers, and the contents are simple and easy to understand, such as Doraemon, Chibi Maruko), juvenile anime(anime regarding 6-18 aged youths as main reader objects), maiden anime, aesthetic anime, female anime(anime regarding females above 20 as main reader objects, particularly family women and white-collared females), youth anime(anime regarding 18-25 aged young men as main reader objects, possessing more adult factors, and the contents mainly represent the life of office workers and college students).

The painting style of Japanese anime is rich and beautiful, very popular for readers. Story plot is compact or novel, close to the psychological needs and aesthetical mindset of youths at present. Currently, over 60% of anime broadcasted in the world are from Japan, and such proportion is higher in Europe, reaching above 80%. As per the survey of Mitsubishi Research Institute, 87% of Japanese like anime, and 84% people possess articles related to anime image characters. Currently, the annual turnover of cartoon industry in Japan is as high as 230 trillion Japanese yen, which is the third largest industry in Japan.

Japes have a lot of famous anime, for example:

Dragon Ball-the representative work of Akira Toriyama , and its accumulative release of separate edition in the world has exceeded 300 million books;

ONE PIECE-popular cartoon that won outstanding results in Japan Credibility List;

Doraemon-published in series since 1969, winning Education Minister Award at the 23rd Japan Society for Cartoonists and cartoon award in the 1st Osamu Tezuka Culture Award in 1997, and it was broadcasted in more than 30 countries (I personally think that Doraemon predicted lots of our current life, such as cutting machine, multi-function watch, artificial intelligence (siri), and housekeeping robots).

Pokemon series, crossing game, animation and cartoon (of which, game sales volume exceeded 200 million sets).

 Photo from  https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pokémon

As for myself, Japanese anime is part of my childhood. Although my childhood had Spongebob, Mickey Mouse, Ninja turtles, its influence on me was far lesser than Japanese anime. I think anime is like another world for lots of people, it is one perfect and dream world reversed with reality. In anime world, people can temporarily take off deceptive appearances and be relaxed in dream.