On October 29th Thursday 5p.m , Twitch tv started a marathon of Bob Ross’ The Joy of Painting series full episode 24 hours nonstop. In case you do not know, Twitch tv is a live stream platform which allowed users to create their own live stream channel that anyone can come by to watch. The site primarily focuses on video gaming, including playthroughs of video games, broadcasts of esports(competitive video game sports) competitions, and more recently, Twitch also added creative content and poker game categories.
On the other hand, Bob Ross is a painter, an instructor, also the host of ‘ the Joy of painting ‘, a half-hour instructional television show which ran from January 11, 1983, until May 17, 1994, before he passed away in 1995.


The majority of the users in the Twitch community are here for gaming related entertainment. Will the launch of Bob Ross’s painting marathon gain any views from the new century of Internet audiences? People probably think Bob Ross was way too old for young kids. Also traditional canvas painting is not popular in the culture of the new generation, how possibly will a dead artist attract new audiences of the 21st century? Well the impossible happened. The whole new Bob Ross Twitch channel surprised probably Bob Ross himself, by reaching the Twitch tv title page with the most viewers live.
It is the first on Twitch tv, a non gaming channel reach to the first place on the title page. Bob Ross’s Afro hair has become a living icon, a bunch of Bob Ross’s memes has been created. Some of the time Bob Ross fans are not happy about this, because they see him as a real artist, not just a new fresh material for the Internet people to fool around. However, Bob Ross channel might be the most popular and peaceful channel on Twitch, since Twitch community has always been a cynical community, most famous for “swatting” streamer’s by calling a real swat team to invade the streamer’s living place, or using the host’s address to order foods, even hookers. Streamers are always aware from these “pranks” by not leaking any important informations, but the worst still happens.
However, Bob Ross is not a living person anymore. No one can annoy him, by send him any disgusting messages and links, cause he can’t reply! The channel is just simply playing videos instead of a live stream, no matter what the chat trying to do, Bob Ross will still be painting is pictures with a smile, remind the chats with his quote : “no one ever make any mistakes, just happy accidents. “