Around the world there is a lot of different types of traps for hunting there a verity of traps for many different animals. Many hunters use this to capture their hunter before they kill them because it is easier to get the animal to eat. Another way to hunt is to have hunting dogs to get bears because they chase down the animal to wear them out in order for the hunter to shoot the animals. imageWhen you are to go hunting for ducks, when you shoot them it is best to have a hunting dog with you in order to retrieve to duck so you don’t have to go searching for them. A technique to get bears is to go out and get donuts to draw them in from a far distance away because bears love there sweets. For trapping you can get a steel trap so the animal will have a less possible way to slip out of them, the types of animals you hunt and trap around Maine if they are in season is bear, deer, moose, partridge, bunnies, turkey, and other different kinds of animals.image

The best way to go hunting for deer and moose is to set up a deer stand in an appropriate area so you can see all around you. The thing you have to do and watch out for while hunting is to wear Blaze orange so that another hunter does not mistake you as a animal that they are hunting. When you are out hunting there is a few tips that you should know and take into consideration before going on your way. You should always be sure to make a plan, know how to read a map so you can find your way back, always be sure to be prepared and always bring a survival kit out in the woods with you just in case you can not find a way out, be sure you know how to read signs,separate fact from fiction, scout out the animal/animals, always be stealthy, don’t go out hunting and think that you talk all the time that you are going to be able to get anything you are going to have to be patient. Know what to avoid, always know when to quit because you never want to be caught out in the woods after hours. If you are going to hunt an animal, be sure that you know where you can hunt them. Always go on and check if the animal that you are hunting is in season and check what time you are aloud to start and stop hunting that animal. One of the most important part of hunting is you have to know the best place on the animal to shoot so you could have a nice clean kill.