In the last two weeks, Isis has claimed responsibility for downing a Russian plane with 244 passengers, sending squads of killers who ended 43 people’s lives in Beirut and another 129 in Paris. They have taken ownership for merciless taking 416 innocent lives.

It is apparent that the terrorist, from the Bombing in Paris, they do not fear death, due to the fact they were armed with AK-47 riffles and suicide explosive vest. So what if instead of attacking back we find an alternate solution? We have to love life more then they welcome death. Isis’ manifesto is ” The management of Savagery and Chaos“. They believe in striking when potential victims have their guard down. They believe they should sow fear into the general populations. What if we did not let them sow the fear?

If we don’t retaliate with savagery and chaos then we are not giving them the reaction they want. Just like toddlers, they cry to get attention, do not give them attention they stop crying realizing that won’t get them what they want. By showing Isis that bombing and attacking innocent people does not get them what they want, they will find an alternative way to do so. Theoretically, a way that doesn’t involve murder of innocent people.

Downed Russian Plane

President François Hollande vowed to be ” Unforgiving with the Barbarians“. Now we don’t have to forgive Isis, however, we shouldn’t retaliate with bombing Raqqa,Syrian like France did. As previously stated Isis does not fear death. They even believe that you should ” Capture the rebelliousness of youth, their energy, idealism, their readiness for self-sacrifice, while fools preach ‘moderation’, security and avoidance of risk.”

If we work together we can find a better way to handle the current situation, a way where there is no more blood shed, but first we all must be willing to listen to each other. Be willing to compromise, and not bring a gun to a knife fight. This can be handled without more lives being lost we just have to believe in each other.

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