There where seven coordinated attacks in Paris over over the early week of November. According to on Friday November 13th 2015 at 9:20 pm the first explosion had occurred outside Stade De France near entrance d while the soccer game between France and Germany was going on. The second attack had occurred five minutes later at about 9:25 pm at the two restaurants Le Carillon and Le Petit cambodge. The third attack had occurred five minuets later at just about 9:30 pm for the second attempt attack at Stade De France. At about 9:32 an attack occurred A La Bonne Biere and another attack occurred four minuets later at LaBella equipe. At 9:40 pm a suicide bomber blows himself up in Comptoir Voltair restaurant. image.jpegAlso at the same time that had happened three attackers had shot up the Eagle Death Metal Concert. About 13 minutes later at 9:53 pm a third blast had occurred 400 meters away between the sports stadium and a McDonald’s. At about 12:20 pm the next day police had raided Batchan.
These attacks have killed 129 and injured 352 people. The bombs from the attacks were four miles apart. When the terrorists were driving back and forth they had gone to the Casa Nostra pizzaria and had opened fire. The most deadly attack had been at the concert where 89 people had lost there life. The people that had not lost there lives in the concert were lucky they could even get out because the concert had a house full with 1,500 people there for the event. The U.S rock group Eagles Of Death Metal had all made it out alive. About eight assailants had also died, seven out of eight of them had blown themselves up with the bombs that they had strapped to them. The other assailant had been shot by the police. After the police had raided the hotel the assailants had been staying, they found gun powder and other equipment to make the bombs with.image