The year of 2015 is coming to an end. According to the American law, American President Barack Obama will be relieved of his office at the beginning of 2017, so the presidential election of 2016 will be one of the most highly stressed events.

From the present conditions, one of the following people is likely to be the next president.


These people are quite powerful and influential in America.

Hillary Clinton, wife of Bill Clinton, failed to compete with Obama eight years ago.

In the next year, she will again run for the first female president election. Hillary proposed that America should strengthen cooperation with countries like Japan, Australia, India in counter-terrorism measures and global warming. But as a Chinese, I personally hope that she will not be the next president. First, she is too old to paying visits to countries around the world frequently. Although Obama broke the record of the history of being a black president, a female to be elected as American president still has a long way to go from my perspective. Also, her toughness toward China and private support of other countries’ territorial disputes may lead to another new war.

Jeb Bush– He has many advantages: first, both of his father and brother had assumed the office of American president. His family has massive and abundant friends resources, and strong capability of fund-raising for presidential election. Second, Jeb Bush’s political beliefs are relatively mild, which will be helpful for attracting swing voters, and controlling Florida State, an important swing state. He has outstanding ruling experience and political achievements. As long as he runs for the presidential election, Florida will be his base camp. The Democratic Party has occupied the White House for eight years, and the voters have the feeling of loving the new and loathing the old. What’s more, what Obama did after coming to power estranged the relation of the largest voters’ group- the estrangement of white people and the Democratic Party.(In the congressional mid-term election of 2014, white people’s support rate to the republican Party was 22% higher than the Democratic Party.) This is a severe challenge to the Democratic Party.

But,Jeb Bush is not perfect, so he also faces many difficulties on the election road. First, the Bush family has had two American presidents, so the family name will be antipathic to many voters. Second, compared with Obama, master of political companion, Jeb Bush seems to lack of passion and charisma.

Marco Rubio – Rubio calls himself a political leader of a new generation, and he is the most capable rival to the democrat Hillary to compete in the presidential election. He also stresses the differences with his political supervisor Jeb Bush who also runs for the presidential election, and hope that he will lead the American politics to walk out the control of Bush and Clinton families.

The 43 year-old Rubio is a son of a Cuban immigrant. Finance: first, he supports limiting the growth of federal expenditure and per capita inflation rate. Second, Rubio is in favor of the change of social security to prevent the future plans of fiscal deficit.

He supports the Bush’s revenue reduction. He believes that the revenues should not be raised while in a economic depression period. He is also against capital gains tax and dual tax.
For Society: first, Rubio joined in with other 22 democratic senators to fight against the entitlement of violent behaviors to women, which means that he is not in support of it to a certain degree.Second, he reiterates that he is against conservative political activities of homosexual marriage.

He believes that guns should be controlled.And also he sticks to the punishment of drug taking.

For State security: he thinks that radical Islamic terrorists pose the most serious threats to America, and they plan to impose their beliefs to the world. And also He supports Obama’s response to Islamic State of Iraq and combats the invasion of Islamic State of Levant to Iraq

For Climate Change: first, he believes that the global warming is not caused by human activities, and to solve it will not acquire fruitful results but damage the economy.

We still doesn’t know who will become next US president in 2016, but when I spoke to students and teachers, most don’t have strong felling for who’s gone be present, no body want dynasty, maybe a king is best choose

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