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The problem of the North Korea nuclear crisis

Firstly, unless the downfall of Kim Jong-un, North Korea may be monarchy state in twenty or thirty more years except Kim Jong-un got disease, assassinate or coup. In fact, several countries in Asia are capable of making nuclear weapons, especially the countries that are able to build nuclear power plants by themselves. Continue reading “The problem of the North Korea nuclear crisis”


Fall and problem of Chinese stock market

Recently, China stock markets was chaos, overall market slump and RMB’s constant depreciation, subsequent problems have merged.

Continue reading “Fall and problem of Chinese stock market”

Effect of Saudia Arabian and Iran cutting ties

Saudi Arabia decided to sever diplomatic relations with Iran on 01/03/2016. And ordering the Iran diplomatic personnel to leave the country within 48 hours. The direct cause of the matter is that Saudi Arabia announced the execution of 47 prisoners with terrorism crimes, which led to Iranian demonstrator impacted the Saudi Arabian Embassy. Continue reading “Effect of Saudia Arabian and Iran cutting ties”

Why Japanese Anime is the best Anime?

Japanese anime is the best anime in the world . Continue reading “Why Japanese Anime is the best Anime?”

Choice for the future

It is the 21st century right now, science and technology are developing in unimaginable speed far surpassing the evolution speed of mankind (or it can be said that the evolution of mankind has entered the peak). The problem lies in whether the future of mankind needs the further evolution of brain or relies upon science & technology or artificial intelligence.

Continue reading “Choice for the future”

How to fix fog?

Last week, the capital for China-Beijing was covered by fog  Continue reading “How to fix fog?”

Where does the money come from for isis

The air raid in Paris a few days ago attracted people’s attention again to the ISIS, and there are further rumors that the ISIS has sent trained soldiers lurking in fourteen states of the United States. Continue reading “Where does the money come from for isis”

Who will win 2016?

The year of 2015 is coming to an end. According to the American law, American President Barack Obama will be relieved of his office at the beginning of 2017, so the presidential election of 2016 will be one of the most highly stressed events. Continue reading “Who will win 2016?”

Talk for “The walking dead”

” The Walking Dead ” is a zombie comic which is issued by famous comic company IMAGE in October 2003. Continue reading “Talk for “The walking dead””

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