In 2016 there has been a spike in people with genetic mutations by ten percent. Most of the spike was located in or around Europe mostly in Germany. The mutations can range from anything one of the most common being a high resistance to heart disease. Some of the mutations are the reasons why there are medications for problems like cardiac arrest and a heart attack because scientists made the medication to try and mimic these people. Scientist believe that number of people with mutations may increase by forty-seven percent by 2024 if there is nothing done about this. Twelve percent of the people with mutations can not live regular lives or must be cared for their entire life.

Throughout history mutations have helped scientist better understand the human body and how resistance humans are to different diseases and bacteria. Mutations can also happen to people not because of their genes, but because of them living in a specific environment for most of their life like a tribe of people who live at the top of Russia in the arctic circle where temperatures can go far below zero degrees Fahrenheit which would serious affect the average person. The people in the tribe have become so use to the cold they can survive the harsh winters with a minimal risk.

Scientist have been trying to calculate how many mutation there will be in a few years, but they are having very little luck with it because there are on average 72 different mutations every year. Scientist are saying that if there is nothing done about mutations there will be about one twelfth of the worlds population by 2018.